GZD drawstring backpack

209 CZK

In stock

You will love our new GZD drawstring bag!

There are 2 straps on each side and bottom corners are reinforced with triangle leather with 2 metal grommets.

Our drawstring bag can be worn on one or both shoulders. It is ideal for school, trip, to the gym, dance lessons or other outdoor activities.

Red GZD bag
GZD red bottle

GZD aluminium bottle, 600 ml

239 CZK

In stock

Reusable GZD bottle keeps your water cold up to 24 hours regardless of the outside temperature. Use one at work, school, gym, dance class or when you go for a bike ride.

It’s simple when your water is cold, you’ll drink more. With GZD water bottle, staying hydrated has never been so easy.

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