About dance

Ghetto Zouk Dance refers to a dance method developed as an inherent part of Ghetto Zouk music originating from Cape Verde.

The main base of Ghetto Zouk dance is Kizomba further developed by its Portuguese creator and educator with Cape Verdean roots – Vitor Tavares Mendes and his team.

Ghetto Zouk Dance method is characterized by close frame, higher dynamics, fun, flow, and precision that follows the ghetto zouk beat. It combines the basic Kizomba steps and techniques with faster rhythm in footwork requiring firm posture and a higher level of power, pressure and movement control from both partners.

The main principles of GZD method:
  • Leading 50/50 (shared leading)

    – the idea of shared leading as an alternative to the current standard Kizomba techniques means a shared responsibility without resulting in a clash of interests or disconnection. The key to maintaining the flow between both leading parties is the use of natural body pressure, tension and impulse. The Leading 50/50 method can help minimize mistakes and maximize communication, promotes a greater freedom of interpretation whilst encouraging technical precision.

  • Syncopated rhythm

    –  putting the accent on beats not usually accented (e.g. one-and-two, three-and-four, …) dynamics the movement and helps to better reflect the ghetto zouk beat.

  • Firm frame and posture

    – the inevitable part of the shared lead, especially when syncopating rhythm is applied. Strong (however not hard or rough) body posture and frame allow both partners to gain better body control, creative movement, interpretation of each other’s moves and precision on responding.

ATTENTION – Ghetto Zouk Dance method is useful for all couple dance styles and it can improve your dance skills quickly.
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