Wednesday classes

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We will continue with regular classes straight after a Summer break in September.

There are no regular classes during July and August but you can continue dancing with us at our Summer parties, improve your dance skills at a private class in Prague and Pardubice, online private class and personal training and in August you can also join our boot camp at Sector.
Stay updated with our website, Facebook and Instagram where you can find current information.

Our classes start again in September. Please, come at least 10 min earlier, so you have enough time to register at the reception and put your stuff into the cloakroom.

The dance studio is a part of a unique space Vnitroblock, where you can also find Signature caféPidiKinoDudes & Barbies galeryFootshopPapavera flower shopUprostřed Vnitroblocku and Jack Daniel’s musician factory.

Our classes are tailored to all needs and designed to practice not only the basic to advanced dance steps and figures but also some unique and challenging techniques, dynamics, music, and musical interpretation.

Whether you’re setting foot on the dance floor for the first time or have years of experience, you should come and meet us.  Give yourself the opportunity to try our inspiring dances which are inundated with culture and rather multi-coloured dance and musical background. Our classes welcome all levels and encourage everyone to have a go.

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