You may have just jumped into the Kizomba world or have been dancing already for a few months but you feel that something is just not right. You want to be like that guy on the party doing some crazy footwork, hitting every beat with perfect timing or that girl dancing with a precision that follows her partner as if it was the easiest thing on the planet. And then there’s you…

Don’t worry! We have a few tips for you that will help you boost your dancing skills and soon you will be a dancing machine.

  1. Listen

That dude, that can hit every beat, break or knows exactly how the lyrics go, has probably heard that song many, many times. Do the same! Listen to both old and new tracks as much as you can.

Many people developed a love for dance because they loved music in the first place. If that’s your case, even better! After some time you will recognize certain patterns in songs and you will be even able to predict when the intro finishes or when the chorus is coming. So, do as auntie Beyonce is advising you in one of her songs: “Listeeeeen”!

  1. Take your time

If you take a karate course, you can’t skip four belts and go straight to the purple one. However, if you go to a dance festival you think you can trick the system and go straight to the master class… yeah, but NO. You can’t trick the system, you will be exposed as soon as you reach the dancefloor. That does not mean you shouldn’t challenge yourself. But also don’t stop practising the basics until you get them right. Because basic doesn’t mean the easiest but the most fundamental.

  1. Practice

In the class, in the kitchen, inside your head, at the parties… Practice, practice, practice.

  1. Travel

And of course, practice abroad. Don’t limit yourself to one teacher and the same group of people at your local party. Travel to dance festivals or even better, find a good quality teacher and visit his/her classes, workshops, take a few private classes. Go to the parties, mingle, dance with as many people as possible. Visit the places where the culture and community of your preferred dance are rich. Travelling and dancing are two beautiful things to combine.

  1. Play

As soon as you have a solid base, start your own creation. Try different combinations of the steps you know or if you are more daring, come up with something completely new! Experiment, play like a child. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Most of our best steps were discovered while failing to do a step that we already knew.

  1. Switch Roles

Have you ever tried to dance as a follower (men)/leader(women)? Try and you will discover a whole new world as a princess Jasmine did during the ride on the flying carpet with Aladdin. That might give you a good clue what to do to make the leading easier for your man or what kind of impulse do you need to give to your girl.

  1. Enjoy

The last point but probably the most crucial. Steps and musicality can be taught, but the feeling you have while dancing has to come from you and nobody else. Every time you go to a dance floor and mess up again, remember why are you doing it in the first place. If you keep joy from dancing combined with persistence, nothing can stop you from becoming a dancer you want to be…

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